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Our team is an open project supported by the State Key Lab. of Industrial Control Technology in Zhejiang University,China. We started from 2003 and have participated RoboCup2004(Lisbon), 2005(Osaka), 2006(Bremen), 2007(Atlanta), and 2008(Suzhou).

The competition and Communication in RoboCup games benefit us a lot. We won the fourth of the world in RoboCup2007 and RoboCup2008, and were one of the top eight in RoboCup2006. We also won the second place in Robocup ChinaOpen 2006, and are the champion team of China in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Our next goal is to be the top-3 team in the world. We are working hard to make this come true!

2014 Qualification material

Team Description Paper

2014 Qualification Video


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Team Members

Our team members come from different colleges in our university. The diversity brings us creative and great ideas.


We appreciate the help from the teams that help us directly or indirectly to handle the problems we have met.

Here is the list: Fu Fighter, CMDragon, Wright Eagle, Roboroos, PLASMA-Z